Bodhi and Ride

health • Port Melbourne
We’ve revolutionised traditional spin classes and created a world first! Let’s RIDE.
Founded just 3 years ago, Bodhi and Ride now has 3 x convenient locations around Melbourne: South Yarra, Port Melbourne and CBD.
We now offer these new services:
Our Story
When we RIDE, everything is possible. We push through doubts and insecurities. We workout faster and harder than ever before. We leave sweat dripping and endorphin filled. When we RIDE, we work at high intensity for short periods of time, burning between 400 and 600 calories. We tone muscles, shed fat and increase our metabolism. More importantly, we connect. We connect with our body, soul and mind. We connect with each other. When the doors close, lights dim and music fills the chamber, it’s magical. When we stop, close our eyes and take a deep breath, we set an intention for the ride ahead and come together as a tribe. Let’s RIDE TRIBE.
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