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Your portal to the past: specialising in historical research, family history, genealogy & family trees
We specialise in family history research and building family trees, but love to delve into all historical avenues, including local, Australian and international research, land and property research and professional services.
We now offer these new services:

We are offering all of our services, but have added a new virtual one-on-one tutorial service for people wanting to learn aspects of using the search engine

Our Story
Born and Bred Historical Research was born out of a love of historical research and a passion for unlocking mysteries. Born and Bred is made up of Lee Hooper and Phoebe Wilkens who have a combined 15+ years experience working in the history field. We are passionate about researching and writing, discovering missing branches, breaking down brick walls, uncovering and recounting little known people and events in history and finding skeletons in the closet.
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